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We understand the needs of online learning and the distribution of copyrighted music, and we want to support both distance learning and copyright holders. Here are our guidelines for the use of Hal Leonard materials while your school or performing ensemble meets virtually due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak:

Audition and Adjudication Uses

  • A digital copy of a work performed for audition or adjudication purposes may be sent to each judge for said performance, provided the necessary number of copies of the work have been purchased for each performer. All digital files must be deleted immediately following the performance. Digital copies may not be created or distributed as a means to avoid purchasing available product. 
  • Performance videos of purchased works may be sent to adjudicators in lieu of in-person contest, exam or audition performances. Videos must only be available via secure means to the performer, teacher or director, and adjudicator(s), and may not be publicly shared with others. All videos must be deleted immediately following completion of the adjudication.

Using Purchased Physical Products Digitally

  • Purchased physical products may be distributed digitally provided the number of students/musicians accessing the digital editions does not exceed the number of purchased physical products. Digital distribution cannot replace purchasing music.

Using Purchased Digital Products   

  • Digital sheet music, part specific audio files and full performance audio files: A copy must be purchased for each student/musician who will have access to download the music or audio files to individual devices. Digital distribution cannot replace purchasing music. 
  • Accompaniment Recordings: The purchase of a single audio file grants the purchaser permission to distribute that file to the ensemble members for which it was purchased.

Digital Distribution Requirements

  • All digital materials must be distributed to students/musicians via private, secure means and using best practices to restrict distribution of the music beyond the ensemble for whom the materials were purchased.  Hosting materials via a public YouTube channel, social media platform, or other website accessible by the public is not allowed. 
  • Student/musician access to distributed files should be revoked upon completion of the academic term or performance season.

Creating Digital Teaching Materials

  • Demonstration recordings, rehearsal tracks, and student/musician recordings may be created and distributed provided you control the distribution to only the same student/musician for whom you have purchased physical or digital products.
  • Use of purchased sheet music examples in online learning videos is permitted when used as an extension of whole class/ensemble instruction. Videos should only be available to your class/ensemble and not publicly shared with others. 

Other Digital Solutions

  • You have full permission to use any content in our trials of online education solutions and we also offer several affordable online learning options with trials.



We are regularly reviewing the needs of our customers and publishers, and we will update these guidelines as needed.

The most common reason for lack of sound on your iPad and iPhone is that your sounds settings may have changed with a recent iOS update. Please check your model and settings and find the Mute setting, it may be set to ON, please turn it off and you should hear the music.

Note that YouTube and other websites override factory settings on devices but our page does not, so you need to turn the Mute Setting to Off for the music to play.

A: Founded in 1947, Hal Leonard has grown from a family run retail store to the world’s largest and most innovative print music publisher. We primarily sell to distributors, music stores and book stores. We encourage you to contact your local music retailer to purchase our products. If they do not have what you are looking for in stock, they can certainly special order it for you.

To make it easier than ever to obtain our products, we’re happy to provide a shopping cart feature on our site that lets you peruse our titles and then “check out” by choosing either your favorite local store or an online retailer.

When you are ready to check out, click the shopping cart at the top of your screen. You will then be able to review and revise your order. If you’re done shopping, click on either “Checkout - Music Retailer” or “Checkout - Internet Retailer.” Based on your choice, you will see a list of dealers you can choose from.

Selecting “Checkout - Music Retailer” will bring up a geographical list of options. Simply select your desired retailer, fill out the billing and shipping information and your items will be shipped directly to you. 

Selecting “Checkout - Internet Retailer” will bring up a list of participating Hal Leonard online retailers. Simply click on the site of your choice and the contents of your shopping cart will automatically transfer to their cart where you can confirm your order and complete your purchase.

To see a list of stores that carry Hal Leonard titles, please click one of the links below:

Online Music Stores

Music Retailers

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in our publications!

A: Hal Leonard does not accept or review unsolicited material for publication consideration. This includes music manuscripts, book proposals, recordings, videos, CD-roms, or other submission formats for any product area in the Hal Leonard catalog.

We produce our publications and products utilizing the talents and skills of an established group of composers, arrangers, transcribers, authors, producers, and editors.

Hal Leonard is not responsible for any submission materials sent to us via mail, courier, or e-mail. Submission packages will not be returned.

A: If you have an established product that you would like us to consider, please submit the following:

- One page summary of your product
- Link to your company website
- Demonstration video of the product
- Contact information

*For drum related products please submit your information to drums@halleonard.com for any other products, please submit the information to techtalk@halleonard.com.

A: We're sorry, but once a product is out-of-print, we must destroy it and it is no longer available through us. There is a very slim possibility that a retailer may still have a copy or two in stock, but we have no way of knowing which retailers stock the product you may be looking for.

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